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Exhibit Introductions for Two Local Artists

The month of August brought two new artists to the Council. Both Shelby Graham and Jamie Connor have been painting on their own for a while, but for both artists, this was their first opportunity to showcase their work in a full exhibit. We were honored to help introduce the work of these artists to the community.

Artist Shelby Graham

Shelvy Graham

Shelby Graham’s work covers a variety of styles and subjects, including Asian landscapes, surreal dream-like scenes, and even homages to cultural icons and sports teams. Much of his work has a distinctive spray art style, though he hand-paints each stroke. Interestingly, one of his true signatures is his own woodworking abilities! Shelby often builds his own unique wooden frames or paints his designs on furniture that he has refinished himself. Vibrant, colorful, and incredibly varied, Shelby’s pieces are some that you don’t want to miss.

Shelby Graham


Artist Jamie Connor

Jamie Connor’s show complemented Shelby’s well, with her use of strong strokes and lively colors. Showcasing two distinct styles, Jamie displayed both hyper-realistic animal portraits on abstract backgrounds and her “business card art”, which is painted using a company’s business card as her only brush. This unusual method allows exposure for the business, while creating a unique brushstroke style for Jamie. Using this technique, Jamie created barns, cameras, butterflies, and many more subjects.The public reaction was enthusiastic.  They greatly enjoyed both styles of Jamie’s work, and were interested in what she’ll do next.

Jamie Connor  Jamie Connor