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Membership vs Community Ownership

The Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation whose mission is to build community through cultural arts.  The Council for the Arts is a Community Organization.  As such, our Board of Directors believes that all citizens and visitors in our community should have access to art programs, art events, education and information.

Rather than ask for your membership, we’d rather you have ownership of the future of cultural arts in our community.  By taking part in the cultural arts development in Jacksonville and Onslow County, you are empowered to participate in leading the way to creating wider, richer cultural experiences for all Onslow County students, adults, veterans and visitors.

This is OUR community.   Let’s make it an Artful one.  Donate to support the arts
Contact us, get involved in art opportunities, events and education.

Donations by check can also be sent to: Council for the Arts, 826 New Bridge Street, Jacksonville NC 28540.


20/20 Giver

Have a vision to see the Arts grow?  Join us in bringing the Arts into 20/20 focus. Donate $20.20 each month to promote the Arts in Onslow County.

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