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Meet the Board of Directors

Current Officers and Members

Board of Directors

The Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts has a strong, engaged board of directors.  The members come from varied careers and backgrounds.  Each member of the board brings unique skills, strengths and perspectives to the governance and stewardship of the Arts Council.  Meet your board members below.

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Cindy Edwards, Chair

Cindy Edwards, Chair

Cindy Edwards is the president of By His Design Digital Marketing Group.  She and her husband, Greg Edwards, have called Jacksonville and Onslow County home since 1993.  Cindy has a life-long love of the arts – including visual arts, performance arts and technical arts.  Her professional background includes serving the community as an educator, business owner and creative director.  Her leadership in the community also includes serving on the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Onslow County Civic Affairs Committee. She is passionate about community development and leadership. She enjoys spending time reading, writing, and traveling with her family.

Cindy Edwards, Chair

Earl Taylor

Earl Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Arts Council Board..  He retired from education after 35 years of service in the Onslow County Schools (OCS). He has served as OCS Director of Arts Education and Community Affairs, Past-President, North Carolina Music Educators Association and in many other community leadership roles.  He is an active member of the Onslow County Board of Education, and has served as such since July 2012.  Earl also serves as a member of Board of Directors, North Carolina School Boards Association; Governmental Affairs Committee, Jacksonville/Onslow Chamber of Commerce; Board of Directors, Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. (SAT); Auxiliary Board, Jacksonville/Onslow Crimestoppers; Jacksonville Civitan Club; Treasurer, Onslow Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony; and Chairman, Church Administrative Council, Trinity United Methodist Church.

Gary Hill

Gary Hill, Vice Chair/Treasurer

Gary Hill  has a distinguished management career with extensive leadership experience.  He gained this experience in his roles as a military officer, college professor, high school teacher, and community activist.  As a military officer, Gary was a leader in the financial sector where he led complex finance support operations in Germany, Italy, Korea, and in various locations across the United States.  His military career culminated as the Assistant Professor of Military Science at Duke University.  He has also served as department chairperson and Senior Instructor at the high school level.  His passion is education and service to community.  Gary currently has an MBA and plans to pursue a PhD in Education.  He enjoys golfing, working out, and spending time with his family.

Carol Long

Carol Long has served the citizens of Onslow County through many community volunteer efforts, leadership roles and areas of service.  She is the Director of Onslow United Transit System (OUTS), a member of the Onslow Civic Affairs Committee, and is integral in the facilitation of community events like the 9-11 Memorial Observance and the Freedom Fountain Ceremony.  She is active in Trinity United Methodist Church and also supports Onslow Community Outreach and Christmas Cheer.  She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her beautiful grandchildren.

William "BIll" Oldenburg

William "Bill" Oldenburg

Bill Oldenburg retired from the Marine Corps as a Sergeant Major and became the Regional Coordinator for the Education & Employment Initiative, where he oversees the coordination of transition assistance for wounded, ill and injured service personnel in the mid-Atlantic region.  He is committed to leadership by example and service to community.  He brings a strong logistical and procedural background to bear for the growth and operation of the Arts Council.  A self-proclaimed “non-artist” – he is a great supporter of the arts and artists the Council serves.

Cathryn Akerman

Cathryn Akerman, Secretary

Cathryn Akerman, award winning artist and Massachusetts native, is inspired by nature, humanity, and local history. Born into a family of makers, she is a self-motivated, life-long student of “all things art.” Joining her husband (USMC vet) in Onslow County in 2000, she dedicated years to a local agency managing sensitive data and developing critical reports. As a committee chairperson she designed fundraisers, established donors, and maintained budget projections. Teaching after-school camps reinforced her belief that everyone deserves a peaceful form of self-expression. Cat enjoys various mediums from sewing to tattoo design, and is most recognized for her versatility in watercolors, acrylics, and oils. A member of CFTA, OOPS, OAS, and WSNC, she also volunteers talent to local animal rescues and veteran charities such as Semper Fi Fund and #22KILL. She embraces the opportunity to impact our arts & community development. Cat’s family resides in Hubert; she enjoys yoga, micro-farming and coastal living.

Will Artis

Will Artis

Will Artis joined the Board in the summer of 2015 and maintains his full-time employment with the Department of Defense. Will and his family relocated to Onslow County in 2001 from New York City, where he was born and raised. Will served in the United States Marine Corps and since making Onslow County his home, he has served in various professional roles. Some of those roles include crisis response leader, Social Worker, Victim Advocate, Operations Officer, mentor and volunteer. Will’s extremely passionate about leadership, community development and education. Will exhibits his passion for leadership not only through his professional career, but by also serving the citizens of Onslow County as the Chair of the Onslow United Transit System Board of Directors, Treasurer for the Council of Arts Board of Directors and a member of the Onslow County Civic Affairs Committee. He has also held other roles in the community: Past Chair of the Seven Times Anointed Ministry Inc. and Member of Minority Business Services Division Steering Committee for the Chamber. Will’s avid love for education has led him in the pursuit of multiple doctoral level studies; successfully completing his Doctor of Philosophy from the North Carolina College of Theology in June of 2016.