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Building Community

The Arts Council is a community organization with a mission to build community through cultural arts. The Arts make a difference in quality of life of all Onslow County students, adults, veterans and visitors.  Our community is asking for more cultural arts experiences, and we want to facilitate and deliver them.  Help us build what our community is asking for.

We’ve made great strides in cultural engagement and arts programs for military service members and families, but we need your help to continue.  Your support empowers the Arts Council to provide local art education, opportunities and cultural experiences. Our community needs sustained support for cultural arts development and that requires your partnership;   donate to support the arts.

Have a vision to see the Arts grow?

Join us in bringing the Arts into 20/20 focus.
Become a 20/20 Giver to promote the Arts in Onslow County.

The Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.

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