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Grassroots Arts Program

subgrant information

2017-18 Applications Now Available!

Download an application here to apply for funding for FY 2017-18.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2017

Final Reports for FY 2016-17 Subgrant Recipients Due May 31, 2017.

Final report forms can be found here.

Grassroots Arts Program (GAP) Funds

Each year the Council for the Arts (CFTA) applies for an North Carolina Grassroots Grant. Grant amounts are based on a county’s population and funding for grants, provided by the state legislature. The CFTA is a Designated County Partner which means that it must subgrant 50% of allocated grassroots funds to local arts and community organizations for art projects and programs. The remaining 50% of the Grassroots funds go to support the Arts Council and it’s various programs.

 Important Grassroots Subgrant Dates

  • APRIL:  Each fiscal year GAP Subgrant Application forms are made available for download and/or pick up.
  • JUNE:  Applications are typically due by the end of JUNE.
  • JULY-AUGUST:  The Subgrant Panel Reviews and Scores all Applications Recieved
  • SEPTEMBER:  Subgrant Applicants are Notified of Panel Decisions

General Subgrant Criteria and Instructions:

Grassroots Arts Program funds applications are accepted from organizations that meet the following criteria and according to the following state-mandated priorities:

  • Nonprofit Organizations are eligible, 501(3)(c) status is preferred.
  • Organization must have been in operation for at least one full year.
  • Organization must have no Overdue Tax Debt. (See item 1 below)
  • Applications must be completed and received by the Council for the Arts by the published Application Deadline: Usually the end of June.
  • GAP subgrants awarded must be matched dollar-for-dollar by recipient.  Matching funds cannot be state or federal grant funds.
  • 50% of all Grassroots Arts Program funds received by the Council annually must be allocated to subgrants.  At least 23% must be awarded for multicultural arts programs.
  • Additionally, GAP funds are awarded according to the following 3 state-mandated priorities:

Priority Tier One:
Support to qualified arts organizations such as theaters, symphonies, galleries, art guilds, choral societies, dance companies, folk art societies, writers groups and arts festivals, etc.
Priority Tier Two:
Support to arts learning and arts in education programs such as artist residencies, summer camps and adult art classes, etc.  Grassroots funds may NOT be used for activities associated with a school’s internal arts programs such as in-school student performances, purchasing art supplies, or student art competitions or publications.
Priority Tier Three:
Support to other community organizations that provide quality art experiences for the greater community.  These programs must be conducted by qualified artists.

If your organization meets the eligibility requirements, it is the goal of the Council to assist you in completing an application that is complete and competitive.  Special assistance will be available during the application period by workshop and/or by appointment.  Call the Council office to schedule assistance.  910-455-9840.