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What we do

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What We Do

The Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts is a Local Art Agency(LLA) which provides a range of programs and services to help support and enable arts and culture in the local community.  We act as intermediaries – serving all genres of artists, arts organizations. local residents, visitors/tourists, and our other partners. We manage and distribute funding for local arts education, arts organizations and art events through a sub-granting process.

There are many ways a vibrant Arts Council adds value to a community.

Arts in Education Ballet Performance for Children

Arts in Education

Since 1981, the Arts Council has provided Arts in Education programs which give our county’s students opportunities to enjoy professional literary and performing artists, study with qualified artists in residency and lends financial support All-County Arts. (photo credit: John Althouse)

Cultural Engagement for Our Community

Cultural Engagement

The Arts Council identifies, preserves and honors the artistic and cultural traditions our tremendously diverse community and works to address the needs of all residents through engagement and citizen-led initiatives.

Funding for Arts Programs and Organizations

Funds for the Arts

The Arts Council provides funding to support Art Programs, Art Organizations and Art Events in Onslow County.  As the distributor of Grassroots Funding from the NC Art Council, the Council accepts sub-grant applications each year.

Public Art Planning in Jacksonville NC

Public Art Planning

On September 6, 2016, Jacksonville City Council voted unanimously to approve a joint grant application with the Arts Council for City-Wide Public Art Master Plan development and initial Public Art Installations from the plan.

Supporting Local Artists

Local Artist Support

The Arts Council has a long history of supporting local artists, art groups and art organizations. Artists’ work is featured in gallery shows, sold in the gallery shop and at art events. Artists can participate in workshops, creative opportunities, and gain local exposure.

Cultural Tourism & Economy

Tourism & Economy

The Arts create cultural tourism and economic growth.  Research shows that cultural tourism supports direct and indirect jobs, and contributes to the purchase of local goods and services within the community.

Make a difference in our community.

Youth Art Progams & Activities

Get involved with the Council for the Arts.

Make a difference by volunteering at the Council or by making a donation. It's easy and it makes a BIG impact on our community and our future.

Business owners, consider becoming an Arts Council partner or sponsor.Business owners, consider becoming an Arts Council partner or sponsor.Business owners, consider becoming an Arts Council partner or sponsor.Business owners, consider becoming an Arts Council partner or sponsor.Save