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Creative Discoveries Studio is also VIRTUAL! Join our group on Facebook where you’ll find creative prompts, tutorials, and community! You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter if Facebook isn’t your thing. Either way, you’ll gain access to a fun and encouraging community. Keep scrolling for links and more details…


Who can be a part of this?

Active duty service members, veterans, reservists, and guardsmen from any military branch are welcome to join!

Service member loved ones and caregivers, you’re included, too! Spouses, partners, significant others, children, stepchildren, or any relative are welcome to join.

Ex-spouse or Ex-partner? You’re welcome, too!

Does my military sponsor have to attend with me?

Of course not. Loved ones and caregivers are welcome to attend without their military connection(s).

Do I have to have a diagnosis of TBI or PTS / PTSD to be a part of this?

Nope! This is open for all of our military and military-connected community.

We don’t require any diagnosis or even paperwork to gain access to our program.

Do I have to be in any pictures or recordings?

No photos, no problem! It’s rare for us to photograph or record our online sessions. When we do need to document what we’re doing with photos or videos, we are up front about that and offer the option of turning the camera and/or microphone off. Also, you always have the option of taking your own pictures and sharing them with us in the Facebook group! In short, all pictures and recordings are taken and/or shared with permission.

I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. Can I still join?

You most certainly can! Perfection isn’t the aim here, creativity is. Come as you are, no matter your artistic skill level, and you will find a welcoming and accepting space where you can create at your own pace.

What do I need to participate?

This is a great question!

Creative supplies:

  • For our virtual open studio sessions, you are invited to create with whatever you have on hand. If you have questions, please ask!
  • If we are doing a workshop or a project that requires specific supplies, that list will be shared ahead of time.


  • Internet
  • Mobile device, Laptop, or desktop computer
  • Webcam with a mic*
  • Facebook**
  • Zoom

*Your camera and/or mic do not have to be on in order to participate, but they may be helpful when asking for help with a creative project.

**Facebook is optional. Signing up for our newsletter will get you access to our virtual open studio sessions and more!

Never used Zoom before? Check out this Info for how to join a Zoom meeting

Do I have to choose between the virtual and in-person open studio?

Choose what works for you!

Whether your participation is all virtual, all in-person, or some of both, the choice is up to you.

(Well, depending on where you live, of course!)

Who’s in the studio?

These are the faces you might see in both the virtual and in-person open studio spaces.

Noah White

Noah White

Executive Director, Council for the Arts

Anna Pasquale

Anna Pasquale

Creative Discoveries Studio Resident Artist

Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Greene

Creative Discoveries Studio Volunteer

Danielle Braxton

Danielle Braxton

Creative Forces Art Therapist at Intrepid Spirit

Clayton Cooke

Clayton Cooke

Creative Forces Music Therapist at Intrepid Spirit

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