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Cultural Engagement

many voices and stories

Giving Community Voice

Cultural engagement is more than measuring a community’s civic participation. It is a creative engagement process that allows dialogue around creative experiences, community values, and cultural diversity. The process allows an exploration of barriers, strategies and outcomes related to these issues.  The creative arts allow diverse citizens to engage in the process of developing a shared sense of community and community voice.

Over coming weeks and months, multiple opportunities for dialogues, activities and data gathering will be conducted by the Council for the Arts as part of an initiative to increase cultural engagement and in preparation for public art planning.

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Cultural Participation

Measuring cultural participation and demographic representation is part of the process.  Cultural engagement requires broad community involvement in dialogues.

Collect Community Stories

Community Stories

An important part of the process will be collecting and sharing local stories, historical moments and figures who have helped to shape our collective community.

interaction with the arts

Interaction with the Arts

Why do citizens interact with art?  And what types of art?  Evaluating interaction stimulates thinking about the value of the arts, and informs policy, social inclusion, and audience development.
preserve traditions

Local Traditions

It’s important that we capture and preserve local traditions, beliefs, and values.  They are part of individual heritage and collective community fiber.

motivations and barriers

Motivations & Barriers

What motivates individuals to engage in our community, particularly through various forms of art? What barriers prevent engagement?  How can these obstacles be overcome?

collective narrative

Collective Narrative

As residents come together and participate in activities, dialogue and story-telling, a community narrative can be created together.